Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Speaking of 'Law Enforcement- Sorry Excuse For',

A father and son are furious after surviving a terrifying experience. They face criminal charges after police responded to their home by mistake.

Murfreesboro officers responded to a 911 emergency call and somehow ended up at the wrong apartment.

Roger and Justin Chilton woke to a pounding on their door at 3 a.m. Sunday. Justin - a decorated military policeman who had just returned from Iraq - answered the door holding his gun.

The officers then arrested Justin and his father.

"They held us at gunpoint, slammed us to the ground, stomped my hands and butted me in the back of the head with a shotgun," said Justin.

The officers charged the Chilton's with resisting arrest and aggravated assault for the incident.

Police did not drop the charges even after learning they responded to the wrong house.
Morons. Wrong place, wrong people, so you charge them. For, I guess, not arriving at the door on their knees to make it easy to knock them to the floor.
Murfreesboro police chief Glenn Chrisman has opened an internal investigation.
Well, isn't that nice? I wonder if it was another "They were following procedures" excuse-type investigation? I say 'was' because this is dated back in February.

Ok, searched and found this:
A police officer and an emergency dispatcher face suspension in Rutherford County after a bizarre mistake and claims of unprofessional conduct.

NewsChannel 5 reporter Nick Beres obtained police video and audio of the incident that all began with a prank 911 call.

The problem is police were dispatched to the wrong address. What happened next has become an embarrassment to the Murfreesboro Police Department
Well, yeah.
Police arrested Roger Chilton and his son Justin. The arrest came after a frightened Justin, a military police officer who just returned from Iraq, answered the door with a gun.

"I thought someone was breaking into the house. Nobody identified themselves," said Roger
Because, I guess, you're just supposed to KNOW it's a cop beating on the door.
"We had some issues with the language and the behavior of one of our officers on the scene that night," said police spokesperson Kyle Evans.

Evans said Officer Carl Watts faces suspension for his conduct.

Watts could be heard during an audio recording of the incident yelling at Justin's pregnant girlfriend to get on the floor.

"Roll over on your back," he told her. After she said she was pregnant, she said Watts had no sympathy.

An official complaint quotes the officer as saying, "I don't give a ----. You've already ----- up your life by being a pregnant teenager."

Remember, this all happened after police were sent to the wrong address - a bad dispatcher mistake made worse by Officer Watts' conduct
So far, so good, right? Except
That's great for the future, but the Chilton's wonder about the past. Both still face criminal prosecution for answering the door and pointing a gun at an officer - some one they originally thought was an intruder.

The district attorney won't drop the resisting arrest and aggravated assault charges, even though police admit they went to the wrong home.

General Whitsell said that mistake alone does not clear the Chilton's of their conduct when the police arrived
Whitsell should have his ass kicked out of that office. Someone beating on your door in the wee hours, NOT identifying themselves as a cop(I'm assuming that's accurate; since the whole thing was recorded, if he had, I'm sure they'd have trumpeted it) gets treated as an aggressive drunk or an attacker until proven otherwise.

I checked and couldn't find anything on whether or not the charges were finally dropped; hopefully so. But with idiots like Whitsell, I just don't know.

Found through Uncle.

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Fire said...

Sickening! More and more police officers are just pieces of shit. And the good ones...few and far between. I happen to know a few, THANK GOD. But many SUCK!