Thursday, May 14, 2009

As the weather continues to prove "You don't know nuttin'"

to the weather weenies, I'm wondering if the habanero is going to get enough sun to do anything.

Yesterday, depending on what time you listened, went from a medium percentage to 90% that we would have severe storms. Which did happen: big hail, high winds, heavy rain and some scattered tornados. Nobody dead, happily, some property damage. In this case, the storms moved northwest to southeast(roughly) in front of a cold front. Which caused the forecast for today to go from '50% chance' to 'a slight chance' of rain today. It's cloudy and cool, though the clouds are lightening a bit.

The grass did dry enough yesterday that I got the mowing and edging and such done, so the grass won't be quite as high in a few days when it next dries out(if this pattern continues). And the birds are combing all that fresh-cut area for seeds and bugs, and the dog is ignoring them. Odd thing, when the birds are in the garden attacking the tomatoes, she goes after them; she's caught and eaten a number of them. But when they're in the yard? Yawn. I've not even seen her chase a squirrel; doesn't mean she hasn't, but I've not seen it.

On a sad note about dogs, I've written a couple of times about Shika, the visitor I've had a couple of times. She died a few days ago, and to say daughter was broken up would be a drastic understatement. Then, a couple of days ago, this beast appeared:

Meet Rafferty, another rescue. Who seems to be settling in pretty well. And the older dog has decided he's not a problem, although no snuggling up for naps. At least not yet. Daughter's cat, however, considers it to be another canine pest that should be sprayed for.

Life goes on.


Fire said...


Oh, it is so CUTE!! I just wanna hug it!

Fire said...

As for Security Staff getting birds and maybe squirrels, I have to say this: Goldie got another squirrel. I mean, c'mon, she's a greyhound, they cannot outrun her. But it felt like I was on the negotiation team out there. "Goldie...DROP the squirrel. You really don't want to do this. Listen to me, we can talk about this. DROP THE SQUIRREL, Goldie! We can get you a chicken nugget happy meal. Just let the squirrel go." She actually stood there listening to me with a squirrel hanging out of her mouth. The little thing was scared to death and playing dead....she just thought it was a motorized stuffed toy. And then it happened....she took off running as fast as she could, running her laps in my backyard. Squirrel hanging out of her face....and no doubt getting dizzy.

I was having a fit....I didn't want her to kill it, and, most of all, I didn't want her to get bit. So the negotiations began again.

"Goldie, the squirrel is innocent, let the hostage go. What can I do to get you to drop the squirrel? Wanna drag Bailey through the mud?!" (She loves to grab him by the collar and drag him through the mud when it rains....and he loves it just as much) He'll lay down and she'll grab his collar with her mouth and off they tubing on a lake.

So I went in and got Bailey and Goldie dropped the squirrel and it ran up the tree.

RG said...

I was on the internet and heard some barking and decided to come over here and find out what was going on.

Adios, will try to check in again sometime so I can to see how big and bad this dog gets over time!

Wild Thing said...

I adore animals, what an adorable dog, Hi Rafferty!!!! I love the
markings too,sooo cute.