Sunday, May 10, 2009

I hadn't commented on the "Mass Murder Prevented" story

in Georgia, though a lot of other people have covered it well. Bad guys break in, get ready to commit mass murder and rape, and one of the victims outs with a sidearm and stops them. One dead goblin, one running(practice, dammit!). With, one notes, flat nothing from the national media;("We can't run this! It makes these rednecks carrying guns look like normal people!")

It's hard to imagine the feeling in that room, in the mind of the guy carrying("Aw, bleep, they're counting rounds? Crap, I'm going down fighting.") when the 'how many bullets you got?' question was heard. Skin-crawling, indeed.


the pistolero said...

"Aw, bleep, they're counting rounds? Crap, I'm going down fighting." Balls. Of. Steel. I don't know if that's exactly what he was thinking, but I bet it was damn close, an example every American should strive to follow. "They could hear the riders comin', he said, 'this is my last fight...if they take me back to Texas, they won't take me back alive'....there were seven Spanish angels, at the altar of the sun..."

Fire said...

"After I kill all these people, I'll be dead. They're gonna bury me in Texas. Those Hispanic Angels call me 'Fred' "
Got "soundtrack" written all over it.


Fire said...


This is exactly why we need the higher capacity magazines. And the fella that wanted the police called was probably one of the intruders??!! Priceless!

Firehand said...

You know, there's got to be an element of unreality facing that: "Is this shit real? Is this really happening?" before you realize "Die for certain one way, maybe die the other" and act.

Fire said...


Yepper. This is why it's a good thing to keep in this mindset: "If I'm going to die, I'm gonna make damn sure I have plenty of company."

benjaminbeckley said...

With all due respect, Fire, sounds like what he needed were "standard" mags as opposed to "reduced capacity" mags. To me, high capacity would be like putting that 32 rnd mag in your glock that was built for 17.

The MSM likes to make us look like freaks for having standard mags instead of neutered mags by calling the standards "high" capacity, but it's a word game. Let's turn the tables back on them.