Friday, May 15, 2009

Maybe we should make silhouette targets with a 'Journalist' nametag

and a label 'Enemy of Reporting'? I mean, reporting is supposed to include things like checking out the information sent to you to see if it's true and accurate, as opposed to blindly reprinting a press release as fact. But, kind of like a lot of cops seem to want to go straight to kicking doors and shooting dogs and screaming at people without bothering to investigate first, an awful lot of 'journalists' don't seem to want to check for facts before 'reporting' what some politicially-correct group tells them as if it were confirmed Truth.

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Fire said...

There could be one or two good journalists out there. As for the rest, they don't want to check the facts, Firehand. That would mean they would actually have to work. And who wants to work when you get paid for copying and pasting?