Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why, if you don't read Lawdog occasionally,

you should.
I notice, as I hold him up for the admiring masses, two things. The first of which is that Neighbor Lady has disappeared. I mean, "Poof!" One moment she's there, the next she's gone, leaving only a faint odour of burning sneaker tread and a gently bouncing hoe to show that she was ever there.

The second thing I notice is that the bullsnake whom is currently wrapping himself around my good right arm has a rather nice, extremely loud, buzzing thingummy on his south end.

"Oh, bugger," think I, as I gaze in some consternation at the eighteen-inch long prairie rattler who is apparently expounding at length with regard to my ancestry, sexual habits and intelligence.

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Fire said...

This is EXACTLY why I killed that snake last week! SNAKES ARE FREAKS!! Before last week, I would just freeze when I spotted a snake in the woods or in my yard. Well, when that thing went after Bailey...I GRABBED IT UP and seconds later...DEAD.