Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sen. Chris Countrywide Dodd has now admitted he's a liar,

the question is what else did he lie about?
CNN Producer: “And there was nothing you were doing that was aimed at protecting AIG?”
Senator Dodd: “Not at all. Not in the slightest. . . . The point is when that language left the Senate I wrote, that was not included.”

Today, on CNN’s Situation Room, Dodd changed his tune and implicated the Treasury Department. He did not name Geithner personally, but neither did he say Geithner was unaware of the goings on. The bottom line: Dodd, after denying it, now admits he and the administration cooked up the language which afforded AIG some protection ( until the firestorm hit) to grant the bonuses. Geithner has been claiming a fair amount of ignorance — and certainly did not come clean on this.

So Dodd lied, repeatedly and apparently by reflex, about this(also counting on the media to help out I don't doubt); what else is he lying about? And will we get the truth about his little mortgage deals and the Irish 'cottage'?

And that wonderful example of a pimple on the ass of this country Rep. Murtha(Evil Party Slimeball-PA) thinks he has a privilege to steal your money via earmarks:
U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Johnstown, responded by waving the Constitution at the camera, saying: “What it says is the Congress of the United States appropriates the money. Got that?”
What we got, Murtha, is you're a slandering little bastard who needs to be thrown out of that office.

They're running the place, folks, and are really pissed when we find out what they're up to; and even more pissed when we dare to call them on their crooked deals.

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martywd said...

Pols like Dodd, Murtha, et al are the poster children FOR the case to enact TERM LIMITS in both US House and Senate.