Monday, March 16, 2009

Dumbass/Dishonest(take your pick) Ruben Navarrette

makes big stink with "We're causing it!" myth, Kevin takes him apart. Among other parts:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives estimates that 90% of the firearms confiscated in drug crimes in Mexico come from the United States, and some of the shipments can be enormous.
Which again illustrates graphically that the BATFE is a whirling vortex of suck at DOING THEIR JOB, doesn't it? Instead of investigating "straw purchases" etc., they seem to spend an extraordinary amount of time screwing with manufacturers after changing the rules on them without warning, or pursuing typographical errors instead of, you know, known criminals because, I suspect, legitimate businessmen (unlike drug dealers) don't shoot at you when you screw with them.
That was all it took. Those who love their guns more than their neighbor to the south were eager to believe CNN's Lou Dobbs when he declared: "Attorney General Eric Holder is willing to sacrifice our gun ownership rights under the Constitution for the benefit of a foreign government, in this case Mexico."
And here's the second fundamental flaw of The Other Side - the belief that if you don't agree with them you must be EEEEEVIL! Note the comparison: If we don't believe in "gun control" then we "love our guns" more than we "love our neighbor to the south."
Etc. Go read it, it'll do you good.


Sun Tzu said...

I vote for galactically STUPID

Windy Wilson said...

In theory, at least, stupid ought to result in random results, so on occasion, like the proverbial blind sow seeking chestnuts, they get the right answer. They have consistently gotten wrong answers, so I vote for cosmically EVIL.

Windy Wilson said...

"because, I suspect, legitimate businessmen (unlike drug dealers) don't shoot at you when you screw with them."

Hence the, "let the Wookie win" strategy.