Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I could have gone out partying tonight,

but a few things have come more to my attention over the years. In no particular order,

Going out with a friend or two is great; going to a bar on a night like this, being packed in with a bunch of people trying to get drunk in short order and with a noise level that wouldn't be tolerated in a foundry without ear protection, is not.

I like a drink at times: see above about drinking with a bunch of idiots. Plus I'd like to get home without an impromptu meeting with a signpost or lamppost(if you knock the latter down, that's one less to hang a politician from).

Music and friends on St. Patrick's is wonderful; see #1 above, plus the fact it doesn't seem quite the right attitude for the day.

Last, yeah, I could get laid tonight. I'm not amazingly ugly, and I do know how the game is played(I'm just not good at it): buy some drinks and say the right words and I could get someone into bed, especially on a night involving #1 above. Don't do that for the same reason I don't go to nookie bars and buy table dances: if a lady is going to be wiggling in my lap, I want it to be because she chooses to be there, not as part of a business arrangement. In this context, if a lady shares my bed I want her there by liking and choice, not because she depressed her higher-reasoning abilities by getting drunk off her ass.

So I made some soda bread(first time in a while), built a fire in the chiminea and scratched the dogs' ears for a while, and I'll have a drink in a bit. Not real exciting, but my ears aren't ringing, I'm not feeling like puking and I won't wake up thinking "Ahhh, who is she?"

My exciting life; welcome to it.

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Jay G said...

Hey, at least the possibility's there you could get some. Not me - my wife doesn't believe in sex after marriage...

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week. Try the veal!