Friday, March 20, 2009

Aside from the general "You cannot let cops get away

with crap like this", one line that sums up the idiocy going on in Philadelphia is near the end:
Ortiz said he took a plea deal and served six months' probation and 25 hours of community service for selling the tiny plastic bags.

Plastic bags.
For selling effing plastic bags.

So not only is there a strong possibility of a unit of bad cops using the law for their own purposes, one of the things they're using to pull this crap off is 'plastic bags are drug paraphernalia' worth a raid involving drawn weapons. Under the heading 'crap' I include 'raids with bullshit like this as an excuse'. And the brains(supposed) of politicians who passed laws on plastic bags.

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Chinese Gordon said...

Perfect. We have a POS POTUS who gets laughs on late night tv at the expense of disabled children, and we have bullies with badges making 56 year old women wet their pants while the bullies help themselves to whatever they like.

I'm waiting for the Magnificent Seven to come riding in at any minute, but I fear I wait in vain. I will settle for the Magnificent 47% though...