Thursday, November 06, 2008

Further reasons to name it the Stupid Party

Bunch of morons trying to blame Palin for the loss, with assorted insults and bullcrap thrown at her.

Bunch of effing idiots. McCain ran a lousy campaign, put off-limits legitimate subjects on which Obama could have been gone after; add to that that he'd spent years peeing on conservatives and stabbing them in the back so that their support was lukewarm at best, but she's to blame. Yeah.

I still think that McCain has bought into that 'most exclusive club in the world' crap, and one doesn't just 'go after' another member of the club, now does one? Add that to seeming to enjoy crapping on people who count on him, and it didn't exactly add up to a barn-burner candidate. But it's her fault. Yeah.

Republican party? You want me to support the party after all this and more? Screw you.


ptg said...


Vinnie said...

Just wait till 2012 and see what crap sack they decide to run on the "anybody but Obama" "sure thing".

Panday said...

I differ on one matter: McCain could have run the best campaign ever seen, and the media coverage would still have been 70-30 in favor of Obama.

Anonymous said...

Panday is right, they could have run JFK himself and the media coverage would have been then same.
And I use JFK deliberately, because the sainted JFK is the one every Democrat wants to be compared to, and today JFK would have to be something close to a Reagan Republican.