Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My one post on the election

Not on the politicians, not by any stretch. Just on the election.

A majority of voters(minus the God-knows-what numbers of fraudulent votes) chose a marxist dictator wannabe as President. I wouldn't mind them getting what's going to come, but I greatly resent them dragging the rest of us along with them.

Speaking of which, Insty linked to this post by Steven den Beste that sums it up nicely. Especially one part:
1. It is no longer possible for anyone to deny that the MSM is heavily biased. The MSM have been biased for decades but managed an illusion of fairness. That is no longer possible; the MSM have squandered their credibility during this campaign. They'll never get that credibility back again.
I agree, with one caveat: a lot of the miserable excuses for reporters involved in this are hoping desperately for the Evil Party to push through a 'Fairness' Doctrine to strangle their competition; they hope if it happens, it won't matter that people don't trust them because there'll be many fewer other sources for information. The other day that dirtbag Schumer(D/Slimeball-NY) was on some show pushing for such doctrine and basically comparing speech and reporting that opposes what he likes to pornography in that 'it needs to be regulated'; there'll be a lot more of that garbage coming.

I think we need to lean on the Rep's and Senators that don't want to be good little commissars for the Obamessiah to stand against him when he pushes some of the garbage he'll try to get shoved through fast. Whether out of principle(for those who actually hold to such things) or out of fear of being thrown out of the office(the rest of the bastards), they have to hold the line and fight him.

From what I've heard to today the word is split between "He will have to act as a centrist to get anything done" and "He appointed that cockroach Emanual his chief of staff; what does that tell you about how 'centrist' he'll be?" I lean toward the latter; they'll push real hard to shove a whole pile of things through right after the inauguration. Which goes back to 'call and write your congressvarmint and give them The Word'.

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martywd said...

Regarding the MSM.   I saw recently where the NY Slimes' credit rating was hovering at junk status.   Other dead tree outfits are in a similar state.   Will we soon hear more bailout(s) needed to keep the newspapers from going out of business?   After all, where would this Obamination be now without the help of the newspapers and the rest of the MSM?