Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In the comments on the 'two sides' post the other day

a guy said “Some of us are too old to be worried about unintended consequences.”*

That might well be a clue to how it might pop: someone older, no family or family all grown and gone, who decides “I’ve loved this country all my life, and I’m not simply handing it over to the bastards,” and meets them head-on.

*There’s a book titled ‘Unintended Consequences’ in which a low-grade version of the rebellion happens; people start sabotaging federal agencies and equipment, and killing feds. FBI, ATF, EPA, FAA, all kinds of people who’ve used their power and authority to screw people over. Because it’s not a full-out, open battle-type rebellion, it manages to stay short of the ‘burn down the house’ level. Would it work? God knows. And I’d hate like hell to have to find out. Warts and all, this is my country, and the unintended consequences of such actions, there’s no telling what level and direction it could cause things to go. Considering the number of people who’ve revealed themselves lately as hardly being able to wait for their secular Saviour to take care of them, there’s an awful lot of people who’d say “Freedom? The Constitution? How can I worry about that if I won’t have my mortgage paid for, or I have to buy my own gas?” and would practically beg for the collar.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think many set out intending to take part in an uprising of any sort, they get forced and cajoled into it by one side or the other,

Take a look at the Adams Quote Xavier has posted.

let's all hope that normal democratic politics continues.

we all need to work on building a principaled and electable centrist party, which ever one of the two it is built from.

ps, economic indicator, we all got 30 days notice of redundancy last friday

Thankyou ACORN, and thankyou wankers