Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I have been to the polling place,

and it was busy. Not horribly, but
A: this is a residential area with lots of older residents, and the younger ones were all at work,
B: heavy voting usually shows up in the afternoon, as people get off work.
Almost every booth was full when I arrived, as someone finished someone else was coming in. Busiest I've seen this place. Which, to me, indicates that this afternoon is going to be very busy.

In other news, for some reason some places just don't seem to worry about voter fraud.
Last week Mike Sandvick, head of the Milwaukee Police Department's five-man Special Investigative Unit, was told by superiors not to send anyone to polling places on Election Day. He was also told his unit -- which wrote the book on how fraud could subvert the vote in his hometown -- would be disbanded.
Gee, why would they do something like that just before a major election?

KTOK just announced that some of the bigger-area polling places have 40-45 minute waits. Which means, come afternoon...

Reminds me a bit of 1980. Second Presidential election I'd voted in. Wife and I got to the school right after work, big line. Before we'd been there 15 minutes, longer line behind us. That led, the next morning, to Ronald Reagan making leftists suffer strokes and cranial explosions.

I'm hoping.


martywd said...

I voted a week ago.  Texas.  I think the wait was 15 mins or more?  Not sure whether to attribute the wait to voter enthusiasm or election official incompetence?  I really hate the electronic voting machines.  While I was waiting to vote, one voter somehow and apparently walked away from the machine they where using to vote without completing the voting process and officials are running around like chickens randomly yelling at people who had left the building to come back.  I'm not sure they ever figured out what was going on?  It didn't instill convenience in the voting process, for me at least?  Ouch!

the pistolero said...

I voted this morning in Southeast Texas. Was in and out in 5 minutes.

Mattexian said...

I voted early a couple of weeks ago. There was a bit of a line at the courthouse, took about 15-20 minutes total.

I'm not a big fan of those electronic voting machines either; if Diebold can make ATMs that give a reciept, then they should make their voting machines that can do the same.

martywd said...

In my first post, second to last sentence was intended to read '...didn't instill confidence...'   Dang, I wish I'd learn to proofread before posting!

Fire said...

It's not good to be in and out in five minutes.

Firehand said...

For voting, Fire, voting. Not more personal activities.

Firehand said...

One nice thing about OK, you have a paper ballot you mark and the machine just counts things; gives a hard copy to use for recount or audit purposes.

Fire said...

I know, Firehand. SHEEESH! You think I think about sex and good stuff all the time? What if in haste...in FIVE minutes...you happen to vote the wrong way? Shaky hands, a sneeze...rushing...all could disturb your vote....TAKE YOUR TIME.