Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happier subject: BIG gun show

The Wanenmacher Show in Tulsa this weekend. Should get there early Saturday for two days of gunny stuff. Parts and guns and ammo and knives and books and loading stuff. Screw politics for a couple of days. Although, at any show, you're going to run into it with the marxist slated to move into the Oval Office and his stated hostility to the 2nd Amendment. Which reminds me, need to contact the congressvarmints again.


Anonymous said...

I was feeling crummy so I went to the range with my Yugoslav M48. Unissued, and unfired until today. I took a couple of hundred rounds of WWII vintage Turk ammo. After 50 I was pretty well used up. All 50 went off, no hangfires, all 50 hit the target with the backsight set at 100m. About1/3d hit the bull. Not bad for a 64 yr old nearsighted geezer using those nearly useless inverted vee and barleycorn euro-crap sights. And yes, I feel much better even after slogging out to the butts and back four times in the mud.

Gerry N.

Anonymous said...

How did the heavy ball feel recoil-wise? I'm just asking because I've got a couple I want to try but I'm a little leery of using the heavy ball.

Firehand said...

I know the heavy ball I've fired in 8mm has had noticeably stronger recoil. Higher point of impact, generally, also.