Monday, August 04, 2008

So we find out that Rep. McCarthy(Evil Party GFW-NY)

is a liar, as well as screwing people over for daring to cause her difficulty.
The letter made no mention of the 911 call, and in fact, a judge had to order McCarthy’s office to identify the employee who had called 911—after McCarthy had denied any involvement.
And the Chief of Police, who's fairly obviously both sucking up to McCarthy and indulging his own "You civilians are not Only Ones" feelings, does indeed suck:
The police took all of his legally registered guns—nine rifles and 15 handguns, and they also seized his fiancĂ©e’s handgun. This despite no statutory authority to do this-- It’s important here to note that this was not a domestic or any other kind of violence incident. Razzano didn’t even get a receipt for the seized property until a week later—after he requested one.

A little over a month after the seizures, he received notice from Chief Anthony Rocco that his pistol license had been revoked. This has been done with no adjudication under “authority” of the chief, who indicated he believed Razzano to be “obsessed with the day laborer situation” and offered his unqualified opinion that Razzano’s actions had raised “concerns” over his “suitability” to have a license.

You could not pay me enough to live in that part of this country.

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