Thursday, August 07, 2008

Let's give Mexico something to really bitch about,

since executing murderers upsets them so: lets give the Border Patrol some serious backup, and the next time the Mexican Army crosses our border, shoot them.

We've got clowns putting BP officers in jail for doing their jobs, but the .gov weenies don't seem to want to do much about this garbage(State Department spokeswoman Nicole Thompson said Tuesday that the department had no information on the incident, and referred further questions to the Border Patrol. "It is not an incident that we are aware of," she said.) Hell with this noise; the Mexican Government is violating our border with armed troops, and that requires(not 'needs', REQUIRES) a serious response.

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Fire said...

Put snipers along the border. If anyone even looks like they're thinking about entering illegally...TAG 'EM!

I guarantee that after a few well placed .308 rounds, talk would get around that the United States are through playing nice.