Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Remember the two labs shot by the SWAT team

in the raid? There's some followup, including this:
The package was addressed to Trinity Tomsic, Calvo's wife. But law enforcement sources said last week that they are now investigating the possibility that the mayor and his wife were unwitting recipients and that a deliveryman might have intended to intercept the package as part of a drug smuggling scheme.
Isn't it just effin' wonderful that they've decided, AFTER smashing doors, threatening people and killing dogs, that this just might be a possibility?
The package landed on Calvo's doorstep after police posing as deliverymen brought it to the door and Calvo's mother-in-law asked that it be left on the porch. Police recovered the unopened package from the home Tuesday night but made no arrests. Calvo has said he was interrogated for hours while handcuffed and surrounded by the bloody bodies of his dogs.
In other words, they could have walked up when the guy came home and handed him the warrant, etc., but that just wasn't good enough. After all, I guess they needed some door-kicking practice.
A spokesman for the sheriff's office has said that the department regretted the shooting of the dogs but that deputies felt threatened by them. The spokesman did not return a call for comment yesterday.
Yeah, guess they felt very damned threatened by the one that ran away so they had to chase it to shoot it. Anyone surprised they wouldn't return the call?


Windy Wilson said...

The dog was running away to give alarm, and after he explained what was going on a lot of people would be coming back ready to do the LEO's harm. I mean, didn't you ever see Lassie?

"What's that boy? Timmy's stuck in the old well on the Stoddard place? And he forgot his jacket?"

Anonymous said...

Calvo will know exactly where his duties as a citizen lie if he ever sees an "only one" getting the shit kicked out of him down a back alley...

Turn your back, and walk the other way my friend.