Monday, August 04, 2008

This mess

is sad, and if the information here is accurate, was preventable. Here's the key part:
Sgt. Joseph Chavalia heard gunshots that two fellow SWAT team officers fired at pit bulls released from a first-floor back bedroom by drug dealer Anthony Terry, defense attorney Bill Kluge said during opening arguments in Chavalia's trial.

The dogs were released as Chavalia headed upstairs. He saw movement and fired through stairway railings into a second-story bedroom where Wilson was with six children, said Prosecutor Jeffrey Strausbaugh

'...saw movement and fired' into a room. There's a reason for that 'Be sure of your target' part of the basic rules, and this is it.

Remember a few months ago, the moron on a LE board talking about 'suppressing fire' into a house if you're fired at? This is the kind of thing that would lead to. It's one thing for a military unit assaulting an objective to fire at movement: it's a whole 'nother thing for law enforcement officers, in a house where they were told children were present(it'd be bad in any case, worse under that circumstance).

So a woman is dead, a child lost a finger- not counting the blood and terror at the time- and an officer stands a fair chance of losing his career and going to prison. God, what a mess.

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Anonymous said...

The cop was acquitted.