Thursday, December 13, 2007

On the lady who whacked the dirtbag in Colorado, Updated

what would we expect? To quote Steve,
I knew this was coming. This brave, selfless lady is going to be punished for showing up the gun control assholes. Why would you investigate a hero's employment history, looking for negative information? Why would that even occur to you? Jesus; they didn't do that to the killer. No one is digging into the termination of his McDonald's job to see if he deserved it. They didn't do it to famous scumbags like Scott Peterson and Timothy McVeigh. So why do it to a wonderful lady like Jeanne Assam? We all know the answer.

As to the "He actually killed himself, so her actions don't really count" bullshit, he about covers it:
They're even trying to take the credit away from her, telling the world the psycho she shot killed himself. Listen, she shot that little son of a bitch to pieces. "Multiple times," the story says. Thanks to Jeanne Assam, he was a helpless pile of bleeding meat when he did the world a favor and killed himself. And he was going to do it regardless; these punks always commit suicide because they don't have the spine to face justice. There was never much doubt that he would kill himself; what was uncertain was how many people would die before he did. Jeanne Assam is the reason so few died.

True words. Also, I like the idea of his celebrity pledge:
I have a suggestion, in the interest of peace and love and being green and empowering little brown people and women and being nice to all the fuzzy puppies and kitties and worshiping Mother Gaia. How about if every celebrity who supports gun control publicly signs an oath, swearing he or she will refuse the protection of any person--private citizen or public employee--armed with a gun? I mean, hell, we all saw Charlie's Angels, where they proved three unarmed girls can beat up a whole roomful of men with guns. Surely George Clooney is as much of a man as Drew Barrymore. Come on, guys. You want the rest of us to be willing to die for gun control. Here's my challenge: lead by example.

In fact, you have to swear off bodyguards too, you pansies. Come on, Clooney, you fairy. The rest of us can't afford to pay other men to supply the toughness we lack. If you want us to live your fantasy, you have to live our reality.

Update: It seems the idiots saying she was fired didn't bother to actually, oh, check the damn records.

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