Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And about 20 minutes after my previous post

I joined the ranks of the powerless. Which now, in OK alone, are estimated between 600-650k.

So far, the house is chilly but I'm fine. The propane burner works very well for making tea, the lamps take care of lighting(enough, anyway). Haven't broken into the MREs yet, and probably won't need to.

I'll have to qualify my last statement that this wasn't as bad as could have been: a few degrees colder or strong winds would have made this a large-scale as opposed to a mid-scale disaster. As is it's a pain, and if I don't have power by midday tomorrow I'll get some dry ice to put in the freezer to make sure things stay frozen, and reading by oil lamps isn't much fun. Oh, and if you're travelling there are a couple of turnpikes where you'd better not need gas as the stations have no power. But this is primarily tree and line damage, as opposed to the storm in 2002 which took down power poles by the thousands; a lot faster and easier to repair. Then it took damn near two months to get power back to everyone: with the crews being pulled in from surrounding states they're currently figuring a week to ten days, quite possibly less.

Pictures and further updates will have to wait until I have time again at a place with electricity.

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