Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And the "Rampaging youths" continue to rampage

Noted this the other day, found some followup here and here, among other places. Among other things to note:
Police investigators and several eyewitnesses corroborate the patrolmen’s version of the accident. The police car was going at a normal speed, no sirens, no hot pursuit. The mini-motorcycle came down a side street at high speed and made a left turn, crashing directly into the police car. The police remained on the scene for approximately twenty to thirty minutes until the fire department ambulance arrived.
Twenty-five policemen injured, dozens of cars burned, shops destroyed, individuals assaulted. Blind with rage, the rampaging mob found time to steal before smashing and burning. For the brother of Mushin, one of the victims, “it’s not violence, it’s an expression of rage.”
Please take special note of that: "...one of the victims,". 'Victims' means someone did it to them, they were wronged and therefore "We have a right to do this because(in chorus now) We're Victims!"

And take special note of this from a blogger in Paris:
The French Intifada never ended; it simply leveled off at a jaw-dropping 14 police officers injured per day (that's 2,500 annually) the last I saw it mentioned in any news source.
Fourteen officers injured PER DAY, EVERY DAY. Just amazing.

From the Pajama's Media report: Villiers le Bel is in the administrative district of Sarcelles / Garges-les-Gonesses about 20 km north of Paris. Not so long ago Sarcelles was the home sweet home of Jewish refugees from North Africa; today it is their nightmare. They endure constant attacks and harassment from the permanently enraged African-Arab-Muslim residents who live cheek by jowl with their still neat clean streets.
'Permanently enraged' do indeed seem to describe these people.

Gateway Pundit has this report, and some earlier ones you can scroll down to.

Sarkozy will have his hands full dealing with this mess. Let's hope he can actually do something about it.

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