Friday, November 30, 2007

The next step after registration:

Inspections to make sure you have your guns 'properly' stored. And don't have too many. And don't have something not approved of.

The Chief Firearms Office is piloting an initiative that involves notifying older firearms owners, in Toronto, who own more than 10 firearms, including a restricted or prohibited firearm(s). These firearms owners will be required to have their firearms inspected by a firearms officer designated by the Chief Firearms Officer. Each owner has been provided a pamphlet from the Canadian Firearms Centre setting out the requirements for safe storage and display. The inspector will also be providing the firearms owners with information, from the Canadian Firearms Centre, on how to arrange for the handling of their firearms in the event of death or incapacity.

The Firearms Act provides for a firearms officer, designated in writing by the Chief Firearms Officer, the authority to conduct inspections in certain circumstances, including where the inspector believes on reasonable grounds that there is a firearms collection, a prohibited firearm or more than 10 firearms. Where the inspection involves a dwelling house, the Firearms Act requires the inspector provide reasonable notice and obtain the occupant’s consent. The Firearms Act also requires the owner or person in charge of a place to give the inspector reasonable assistance to enable him to carry out the inspection. (bold mine)

I'll bet that, given the chance, they'll arrange for 'in the event of deal or incapacity' to mean "We take them. No you can't leave your father's rifle to your kids. We Take Them." Also note that just having a 'collection' or 'more than 10 firearms' means "We can come into your home and searchinspect."

Further along it states "No force will be used in conducting the inspection." However, since it also states "...required..." earlier, you know what that means: "Let me in or I'll be back with a warrant and turn the house upside-down."

Let's see, that rope goes around thirteen times, and then...

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