Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Damn birds

Unlike Steve, I have none inside the house. I'm referring to the featherbrains outside. The channel I added to the carport to take care of a problem last year? At least one has built a nest in it, and since there may be eggs in it, I don't want to just rip it out. And in another section, I can hear baby birds cheeping, which means there's a nest built into that corner. Where it's at, they may survive the first real hard rain, but the ones in the channel I added probably won't. 'Probably' being the operative word, so I'll leave it there. It may still drain well enough that they'll be ok, in either case I'll clean it out in a month or so.

Good part? Also unlike Steve, they're not sitting behind me making comments, or crapping on me. Points for my side!

1 comment:

homebru said...

My batting average on dove and quail is bad enough as it is. Imagine how much fun it would be if, as the birds were departing the area, they were screaming insults.