Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Various thoughts & information from others

on gun ownership, GFW's, and crime.

First, over at Smallest Minority, Kevin goes into the differences between 'good' and 'bad' gun cultures, and how the Good was destroyed in England.

Then, he goes over the crap out of the Violence Policy Center over the 'Assault Weapons Ban' and why a: they don't think it was a ban and b: why they pushed it anyway, and want it back. Lying little bastards.

Then over to Rivrdog, for this roundup of the wonders of gun control(more properly 'citazen disarmament') in various places. Including what's happening with the crime rates in Australia. As you might expect, following Britain's lead in making the ownership of arms and the right of self-defense crimes, their crime rates are shooting up. Literally.

I repeat what I said before, the only reason for the government to want to ban/restrict the ownership of arms is because a: the Lords of the Country don't think the peasants are trustworthy enough to own them, and/or b: they plan on doing things they know you won't like, and they don't want you to have the ultimate means of saying "no". I'll add that the only reasons some people want them banned are the two above and mental illness; as in 'I cannot be trusted with arms, so no one else can be, either'. Jeff Cooper calls in 'hoplophobia', for fear of weapons and the ownership of them. Anymore, I just call it being full of shit.

As an aside, this stuff is making my language go downhill. Sorry 'bout that.

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