Saturday, April 30, 2005

Crime and guns in Britain and Europe

Over at Smallest Minority(I know, I go there a lot; he has a lot to read) there's this about British crime figures. Basically, a retired cop talked about how many gun-related crimes are not officially reported so they're not listed in crime figures, so the situation is worse than the official number say. And the 'professional standards' unit sends people to talk to you. Because they want to know who talked to you. Screw the facts, we need to know who's not toeing the line and making us look bad. Just wonderful.

He also has this, on a man beaten to death in his business. An attack that took fifteen minutes, in an area that supposedly had a 'heightened police presence' in the time prior to the attack.

No Quarters has this on the theft of 'up to 150 Glock pistols' from a high security air base in the Netherlands. It took place over the weekend, and wasn't discovered 'till Monday. Sheesh. Maybe they need better 'safe storage' laws over there, huh? This reminds me of something from about ten years ago, I believe also in the Netherlands. A guy on guard duty was robbed- of his Uzi- by two guys with a crossbow, who held him until his relief came, and took his subgun too. Ain't it just wonderful over there?

I'm curious. Does anyone know anything about firearms laws in the 'new Europe' countries? I'm wondering if the citazens there have some right to arms, or if they're still going by the 'we will tell you peasants what you will be allowed to own' attitude.

By the way, No Quarters has some other good stuff, take a look around.


EuroHacker editor said...

Well, I don't know about new EU countries, but I'm a Swedish resident and I can tell the situation is pretty locked down tight...

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