Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bad engineering, bad designers, or both

I got the doors put up on the shed today, after a fair amount of cursing and threats. Big problem is the sliders the doors hang from. They're nylon pieces that fit inside the track. There is a pin and a hole on each; the hole accepts the screw that holds the door in place and the pin fits into a hole in the door right next to where the screw goes.


In fact, a: the pin is so short that if you tighten the screw down enough to pull it into place, the door won't move. Loosen it enough to move, and the pin falls out and the slider turns and jams the door.


I had to drill a hole in the center of each pin and put in a screw to hold the damn sliders in alignment. This led to the next discovery. There are screws holding the track/front frame assembly together, on the top & bottom. The sliders have slots in them to slide over these.


I'm going to have to put a grinding point in the Dremel and cut the screws down very close to the steel so they'll clear. And I'll take an old toothbrush and some paste wax and coat the inside of the track. Between them, the damn things should slide fairly smoothly.

It would have been a lot easier if they had a: made the sliders rectangular and a closer fit to the track, they could have cut the slots to clear the screws wider AND it would be more stable; b: made the bleepin' pins long enough to fit. Oh, I know why they didn't. They'd have to make two left and two right pieces, instead of four identical pieces that you turn to fit. Cheap bastards.

But the damn thing's up now.

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