Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ok, here's some stuff to use, now for a variety of reasons

A couple of years ago I read about some stuff called Microlon Gun Juice. It's a lubricant/protectant that goes on wet, then the carrier evaporates leaving a dry film. I did a writeup of my experience with it for George at Mad Ogre to post in his weapons section. Short version, it works quite well.

George has been putting together a load of stuff to ship to the troops in the sandbox, and wrote me today that Microlon is sending him a case of Gun Juice to include. That's a bleep-load of product, and will go a long, long way.

So the stuff works, and the company is supporting the troops with their product. Two good reasons to support the company.

Note: I just sent Ogre a follow-up to my original piece. I took a knife blade and treated it to test how well Microlon worked to prevent rust. It does a pretty damn good job so far. I'm going to be using this stuff for a number of purposes for a long time to come.

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