Thursday, February 17, 2005

I have never liked Jimmy Carter

1976 was the first year I could vote, and surprisingly for me/already hated politicians in general/ I actually paid attention to the presidential race. I wasn't wild about Ford, but there was something about Carter that set my teeth on edge. There were specific policy things that bothered me, but beyond that was a basic distrust of him. Which he proceeded to prove right.

This is the guy who put Stansfield Turner in charge of the CIA; who took a somewhat messed up agency and really screwed it up. Carter was a Naval officer under Hyman Rickover, and I've read that he and a lot of his junior officers had a really bad habit of looking to technology to prevent stupid humans from messing things up. Well, Carter and Turner decided that since we had these fine reconnaisance satellites, we didn't need all those human agents on the ground costing money and causing trouble, so they fired several hundred agents. Some were near retirement, but weren't given the option to retire; just a card saying "we don't need you anymore, don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass on the way out". Besides the fact that there are lots of things satellites can't see for you, there are things they cannot do, which was brought out by their firing what I read were the only agents who spoke Farsi just before the Iranian revolution began.

Carter did a number of things as president that really pissed me off. And after he left office, in some ways he may have actually become worse. He's declared elections fair and valid when everyone else was yelling about evidence of fraud, he's kissed up to dictators, and he's spoken against this country. His sucking up to the Nobel Prize committee so as to get a prize led to him being awarded one with the committee actually saying that it was their way of taking a poke at President Bush. And so on.

Power Line had a piece earlier about Carter, including specifics of some really dispicable things he's done. They also mention a book I was unaware of, "The Real Jimmy Carter" by Steven F. Hayward. I'm going to have to find this and read it.

I used to know a lady who thought Carter was one of the best presidents we'd ever had, apparently for two reasons: first was his various crawling around and kissing up to make up for all the evil things the U.S. had done- the CIA in particular- and second was the fact that 'he signed lots of international agreements'. I pointed out that yeah, he signed multiple agreements with the Soviets and North Korea, and they simply turned around and ignored them. Her attitude was basically that "at least he did make agreements". First time I'd really run into the attitude that the process counted for more than the results. Which I think is a load of crap.
'Course, she thought we owed the Palistinians and should beat the Israelis into submission to them, and we really got along there...

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