Thursday, February 17, 2005

Do NOT register your weapons. Ever.

From Smallest Minority comes a link to the end result of registration, this case from New South Wales in Australia.

Money quote: "Mr Moroney said that, as part of the blitz, thousands of weapons were destroyed because police were not satisfied that the firearms were being kept securely, or that "possession of that firearm was necessarily further warranted"." Please note, they minions of the state decided either they didn't like the way the owners stored them, or decided the peasants didn't 'need them anymore'; so they stole private property to be destroyed.

Also note, the registration system there means that the cops can show up at your home any time they like to 'inspect' your storage and decide if they think you should be allowed to keep your property.

This is directly related to a bill some jackass tried to pass here a few years ago stating that if you owned more than a certain amount of ammo/I think it was 1000 rounds/ you would have to have an 'arsenel' license from the feds, which would entitle them to inspect your home and 'storage' any time, day or night, with the usual threat of arrest & confiscation if they didn't think you were within their specs.

Never, NEVER register your arms with some government flunky; they and the nannies will screw you with it.


Anonymous said...

So wait..

If I buy that shiny new Kimber SWAT 1911 at the gun store, isn't it registered at that time? Or do I have a fundamental ignorance of the process...?

Firehand said...

By federal law, they are not supposed to keep records of who buys what from the NICS check. They in many cases have, but that's another bitch session.

Unless your area requires the store or you to register the piece when you buy it, or to register so you can buy it, then no, it's not registered. In Oklahoma City for instance, you pass the NICS check, and it's yours. No further paperwork or BS required.

Some places, like the state of Maryland & the city of Chicago require you to get a permit before you're allowed to buy ANYTHING that goes boom. One of the reasons they're referred to as the Peoples Republic Of...

Go on over to Smallest Minority(he's on the blogroll) when you get a chance and check out some of his information on the matter. He's a great source of information.

By the way, that would be a very nice piece to buy.

Anonymous said...

Well that's good to know. So there is nothing stopping me from buying that sweet AK off my buddy and not telling anybody about it? (yes, yes, it's semi-auto - for all you GFW's that's ONE POP PER TRIGGER PULL)

Indeedy. I have decided that .40 and .223 are for girls. I need some man guns like a .45 and a .308.

Firehand said...

So far as I know, if you're in a place where the firearm itself is legal, and there's no requirement that a private sale be routed through police/dealer, and you can legally own. If you're unsure about those things, might want to check to make sure.