Saturday, September 16, 2023

Attend all!

It's the Seventh Eve, and the blessings have arrived!


pigpen51 said...

I don't often post here, but I do when something needs to be said. In this case, I just could not pass by without saying that #1 here is a real sweetheart. No, she's not naked, and really isn't the slutty type that some men favor.
What she is, is the type of woman who you would love to marry, and devote yourself to making a life with. Not only is she hot looking, but she also has that most important thing about her, the smile that seems to come from within and not just on the outside.
In any case, as a very happily married man of now 31 plus years, I am not seeking another wife. And I never have cheated on my present wife, nor my first, ex wife. But I would urge young men to seek a woman like this as a mate. Being as this based on one picture, it is of course a snap judgement that likely is wrong, but all I can go by is what I see.
Have a great coming week, and enjoy the autumn weather. It is my favorite time of the year. Likely due to my football career and my school years of fishing for Salmon in Michigan's White River, that runs through the middle of my hometown. And thanks again for your 6th and 7th evening educational posts. I always look forward to them, since you find the most beautiful women available.

wildman said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

That’s niece waidenhofer (not sure if I spelled that right). She unfortunately committed suicide a year or 2 ago. She was featured on the chive often and regularly interacted with the commenters. She did seem like a really cool chick.

Anonymous said...

Is That Polly Walker from Rome?

Firehand said...