Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Be it noted

that, back when I was blacksmithing, I got in the habit of not using the a/c much; since I was in & out so much I didn't want to get too cool before going back out.

I'm a lot older now.  I just rode the bicycle a little over a  mile and a  half; this was not a good time of day for this dumbassery, it appears.

I will be busy sucking up fluids for a bit.

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Matthew W said...

I grew up in a cornfield (GOD willing I will die in one(Not like the Spilotro Brothers)).
We had no air.
The grade school and high school did not have air.
I am a notoriously cheap bastard and I try to run my home AC as little as possible, but I do fine in the house without the AC on all of the time and quite frankly, it's often an irritation to me..