Sunday, December 04, 2022

Ever heard of Filthy 14?

I had, I'd forgotten, ran across it again the other day.  It's a Bravo Company AR15, that has been cleaned once over many thousands of rounds.  Oil added as needed, parts replaced as needed, that's it,  and it kept running.

Ran into the link in a thread about people overcleaning guns, and glad I saw it.  I admit to being one of those "I shot it, I ought to clean it" types.  I've gotten better over time, but the urge is still there.


robehr orinsky said...

I heat with wood so I tend to clean a lot of guns every week . Anyone that has heated with wood and understands the abrasive nature of wood ash knows that you either clean weekly or store them in a plastic bag tightly which I do for the seldom used guns . Am I paranoid you ask ? Nope ! I got big ole boom sticks laying all around me , heh .

pigpen51 said...

I admit that when I started shooting handguns, my first instinct was to clean each time I fired them. But I remembered that with long guns, we seldom cleaned them, after small game hunting, etc.
I still cleaned them, until I read a guy who said that every time he drove his car, he didn't change his oil. It made sense, at least to me, and so my practice is now, I don't count rounds, I don't clean my guns each time I shoot them. What I do is to do a visual inspection of my guns when I finish shooting them, and judge whether or not they need cleaning by how they look as far as the amount of gunk deposited inside the workings.
That is all gone by the wayside when it comes to any gun that I carry for a CCW defensive pistol. I try and keep them in a pretty clean state, just because. I don't want a striker fired gun to have a bunch of crap in the firing pin slot that could drag or even stop the thing. I do try and keep my carry gun lubed the way that it likes, but I also will re lube it, if I have not done so in a few months. I know, not a good idea, but sometimes I don't get to shoot my carry gun as often as one would like.

Anonymous said...

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