Sunday, November 27, 2022

One of the things on the "If you go back to work" list

is "Don't lift or carry things above 'x' pounds."  Which also covers "Don't carry your range bag" because it weighs more than that.  For that matter I've handled rifles far above that limit("No, you can't take that shooting, all by itself it's three pounds over your limit!  And then you add in the ammo...")

Which has, along  with other things, meant no, or very little, shooting.  Did a bit the other day, minimum gear, and the standing did annoy the joint a bit.  But I was still able to put them on paper decently.

Still cold today, but it's not raining, maybe that'll help.  Of course, last night it would've helped if I'd put the ice pack back in the freezer after its last use.

Ah well.  Hopefully the torturers will help this get over with before too long.


Anonymous said...

Think a few boxes of .22 and pistol. And at least you can make some noise.

Anonymous said...

Y'all might want to take a friend along who is willing to do the hauling and carrying to limit things as much as possible to below your weight limit.

Subotai Bahadur

Firehand said...

Happily, it's all small stuff. I'll still be using the cart all the way. Will take a couple of trips to unload that way, but I very much do not want to wind up needing repair work at this point.

Beans said...

Which is why a fencing case, for sword-fencing, fitted out to carry your gear, works. Put padding in it and the case has rollers. Or a golf-bag case, or a lightweight dolly and some serious bungie cords to cord all the cases. Or some of those nice rolling stacking toolbox set thingies.

Lift empty case or dolly out. Load bit by bit, then roll away. Reverse when leaving. Simple as that.