Wednesday, November 30, 2022

History is messy, and some people really don't like it when

non-PC parts of it are pointed out.  They get insulting and nasty, especially on the subject of slavery.

It's amazing to me how many are either ignorant of the Arab/Muslim slave trade, or try to ignore it completely.  Of course, it really messes with their preferred 'Slavery began in North America/the United States was worst of all!' bullshit, but still.


Phelps said...

You think they don't like the Muslim part, wait until someone points out the Jewish part.

Firehand said...

Much as a lot of the left hates Jews, they should love it.

Anonymous said...

These morons think slavery around the world is thing of the past.
If ignorance is bliss, they are most happy people in the galaxy.

Anonymous said...

Not just around the world. We have plenty of slavery still in the USA. Trump tried to end it. Stopping Trump was more important than stopping slavery to Democrats.