Tuesday, November 29, 2022

As some of you are aware, (updated)

surgery, especially joint surgery, followed by dueling cold & warm fronts = unpleasantness.

Right now it's downright warm outside; then the next front comes in and the low tonight is expected to be about 24.  And the leg woke me up about 0400, and is aching like a bastard since.

Oh yes, in the past I'd become quite familiar with weather-forecasting joints.  At its then-worst, I could tell a cold or warm front approching 2-3 days ahead, very reliably, by my knees telling me they wanted to suicide.

The save then was some people told me about glucosimine, and I started taking it.  I'd been told it would take two to three months to tell any change, and at two months things were easing.  It felt miraculous as, over the next couple of months, they improved a lot.  I kept taking it, and they staved off the worst for years.

Time finally, as it always does, won, as they hit the point of very little cartilage left between bones, which led to the two surgeries.  The glucosamine doesn't heal things, but it really helped for a bunch of years, so I'm happy I tried it.  Now, if I  can get through the next couple of months, this one ought to ease off like the other did.

And on that note, good night. 


clayusmcret said...

Hang in there. Ot takes a while for the body to heal. The pain from changing weather fronts won't end though. Sorry - had to pull that band aid off quick.

Anonymous said...

The heating pad is your friend.

Noneedtobemean said...

Ask your MD about voltarine (spelling).

pigpen51 said...

My wife had her 2nd knee replacement a week ago today. It came on her quickly. The surgeon had a cancellation, 11 days out, otherwise, it was into May.
She is tough, but it is a painful thing, as you no doubt are aware. The thing that amazes me is, she came home within 9 hours of arrival at the hospital in the morning. With a new knee.
Keep up the good work, and stay cautious. A slip and a smack of her knee over the weekend on the side of our couch had me take her to the ER for a quick check of the joint, to ensure no damage.

Terrapod said...

You must live here in the Midwest as you have just described the weather here in SW MI to perfection.

Was out doing the last mowing of the lawn, cleaning gutters and dumping leaves, it was 57 today, by tomorrow it will be 38 for the high with snain (snow/rain mix). Gotta love it - NOT! Hope you mend quick and go into lower pain tier. I get to deal with painful knee joints daily and did not have the benefit of any surgery. just age and stiffness. Vincit omnia amici.

Anonymous said...

Drug I’ve found helpful has been aleve for long lasting relief. I worry about stomach and possibly liver issues. Take with food.
A year ago I started with CBD and found it worked better than the aleve for a torn meniscus. My knee has healed and I can sleep the night through now.

Anonymous said...

Try Blue Emu. Trust Johnny Bench.

Anonymous said...

Hi, 4 weeks into a TKR and what can I say but every day is a little better.
IBU once a day and ice a bunch of times. It is pretty damn boring though.
Keep working the exercises. Yes on the CBD and even a little Delta 9.
Whatever it takes.
Hang in there