Saturday, December 03, 2022

Yes, Musk started the information dump,

and it's interesting, with more to come.  

'Interesting' includes
36.Twitter files continued: "THE FIRST AMENDMENT ISN’T ABSOLUTE”
Szabo’s letter contains chilling passages relaying Democratic lawmakers’ attitudes. They want “more” moderation, and as for the Bill of Rights, it's "not absolute"

Going to be real interesting, especially as leftists try really hard to say "This doesn't mean anything!"


Matthew said...

If this is the type of stuff they left lying around in the database for Elon to find, can you imagine the files they purged because they were damaging?

clayusmcret said...

Personally, I think the most notable thing released so far was a democrat congressman saying that the 1st Amendment was not an absolute right. And I'm not talking about under the context of screaming "Fire!" And taken in broader context of their actions, it's not just the 1st Amendment they don't respect. This shows why the democrat party so easily does what they do. They do not view the US Constitution itself as "absolute". It is merely a hindrance to overcome.

Anonymous said...

The 1st amendment and the rest are absolute, preexisting and unalienable from the civil and moral individual. The non-republic government that refuses to represent is not absolute.