Tuesday, October 19, 2021

I need to clear some tabs

If a fair number of the assholes in DC called 'politicians' and 'bureaucrats' had any honor or shame in the first place, we wouldn't be dealing with this crap.  But we are, so you know what they actually are.

The bigoted clowns in charge of Yale should sign it, right before they're fired for the harm they've done turning that university into a giant, hugely expensive babysitting business.

These documents just tell us what we already knew: either the murderer of Ashli Babbitt is incompetent, or a deliberate murderer.

Storming the Interior Building, injuring cops, damaging the place, and yet the chance of any Democrats describing them as rioters and domestic terrorists: just about zero.
No comparisons to the Civil War, either.

  Another resident asked if the law meant “we are now like a lawless city, anyone can come in and just bash around and do all the damage they want without any repercussions whatsoever?”

Jensen said that arrests could be made and charges could be filed later.

“In these cases, the consequences are going to come not on the night of, but in the follow-up investigation,” he said.

Translation: You Are On Your Own.  Except you're actually not, because if you actually defend yourself/home/family/livelihood, everyone from the Governor down will want you hanged.

Amnesty International doesn't like us peasants having arms.  Against 'international law', y'know.
Wonder if they'd like to hear what they can do with said 'law'?

This one requires some more words:
Lawdog once did a "If I were President" that included having Marines set the charges and blow the UN building in to the bay.  After having chucked all the staff in first.

He got it halfway right: they should block most of them into the building- after having flown a bunch in to be included in the ceremony- and blowing it with every one of the bastards inside.

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Dan said...

It's called Anarchotyranny.....where the lawlessness by certain people is approved and encouraged by the criminals in power while anyone who defends themselves from their pet thuge are crucified. All part of the lefts ongoing plan to destroy freedom and enslave us.