Thursday, October 21, 2021

I mentioned something to show a few days ago,

and here it is.  For a while I'd been scraping some, and finally was able to get that MVA scope.  The picture from their site was plenty good, this is an add-on of sorts.  It came in a fairly sturdy cardboard box, well padded, but it won't last that long, and I don't have a case tall enough to leave it on the rifle(and wouldn't that be a bit awkward?), so I decided to make a transport box.

I wanted to work this out before using some nice wood, and the store, in the barrel by the saw they make cuts for customers with, had some pieces of OSB, so that's what it's made from.

Yes, I know eggcrate foam isn't traditional; I don't care.

Taking the scope off isn't a problem, as the bases and mounts make it easy, for when you want use the iron sights.  I'll try to get a picture of it mounted, when I can make time.


Rob said...

It looks like the box is doing what you want and it doesn't bad just sitting there. Looks like a winner to me!

Mike-SMO said...

Doesn't seem to have much restraint or padding for movement in the "long" direction. A drop off a bench or vehicle deck could do unpleasant things to the scope.

Firehand said...

Some careful shaking and checking, the foam seems to do a pretty good job keeping it in place, it's fairly tightly sandwiched.

That is a good idea, though, add a block of the foam at each end, that would put no pressure on the scope but it'd damn sure go nowhere lengthwise.

Windy Wilson said...

For a "mere" "proof-of-concept" box, that is a quite handsome box.

Firehand said...

Thank you