Friday, October 22, 2021

There is an asshole named Baldwin

who has, among other things, spent years telling anyone who owns a gun that they're a criminal- at least in waiting- and should be forcibly disarmed.  Public safety, y'know.

Said asshole, due to a whole string of fuckups on a movie set, shot and killed one and wounded another with a prop gun.  That turns out not to be a prop, and had a live round in it.  After a number of OTHER negligent discharges earlier.

Holy crap, this is a cluster of error and stupid and uncaring worth of President Gropey.

And I bet you Baldwin will try to use it in some anti-gun ad or program.


Old Radar Tech said...

It burns me up to see the media universally using the term 'misfire'. It was a negligent discharge, and Baldwin is guilty of negligent homicide. Using 'misfire' to describe what he did is a pathetically transparent attempt at CYA.

Dan said...

If the DA there were to recieve thousands of letters demanding he be charged with Involuntary Manslaughter....which is what ALL of us peons would face for such an act....then maybe justice might actually happen. But I doubt it.

Firehand said...

Throw in that most of the media doesn't know crap about firearms

Mike-SMO said...

The term "prop" comes from "property", i.e. something used on stage that is the property of the theater (the house) or of a touring company. That object can be, and in Baldwin's case was, quite real. Baldwin picked up a firearm for rehearsal, didn't check the load, pointed it at an employee, and pulled the trigger. There was no malfunction. There was a massive multi-stage safety failure that ended with a woman dead. Baldwin owns that.

Since Baldwin is one of the Hollywood "worthies", I am sure that this will be handled as an "accident" by the insurance company.

Aesop said...

Throw in that most in the gun community don't know crap about motion picture production.

Charging an actor with manslaughter under the known circumstances would be like charging Vic Morrow for jaywalking and loitering for standing under the helicopter that killed him on Twilight Zone: The Movie.

1) All guns on set are "props". Anything an actor picks up and handles is a prop. That doesn't mean it's not a fully-functional practical firearm.

2) Who, if anyone, put a live round in a weapon on a movie production is the critical question.

3) What the circumstances were when the gun was fired is a critical question.

Nothing authoritative has come out regarding #2 and #3.

Is Baldwin a gun-hating @$$hole? Yes.
Does that make him guilty of manslaughter? No.

Fill in the blanks on #2 and #3, and then we can talk about who should be charged with what.

In the meantime, enjoy the fact that, guilty or not, Baldwin's anti-gun public posturing is over, because he's now the Ted Kennedy of gun deaths, and he's going to be tagged with "Alec Baldwin's gun has killed more people than my entire collection of assault weapons" until long after he's dead and cold.

Enjoy that tasty karma with buttercream frosting and sprinkles on top.

Dan said...

Aesop is WRONG. You don't have to have ANY intent to commit Involuntary Manslaughter.
You only have to actively do something that directly causes a death to be guilty of said
Manslaughter. Baldwin ignored ALL 4 basic rules of gun safety and KILLED a person. Intent is IRRELEVANT. Look up the law. It's CRYSTAL CLEAR. Baldwin is guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter. If ANYONE but a star did this they would already be behind bars facing charges. And that's where HE needs to be.