Thursday, July 22, 2021

Let us talk about corruption

in high places.
Throw in that people who'd be screaming bloody murder if this clown was somehow connected to Trump don't care about this.  Of course.

Kodak becomes just another PRC whore.

It's amazing how all a long-respected doctor/researcher has to do to become a leper is say/write something that goes against the Preferred Narrative™.

Good.  Don't pass anything.
  It'll save us a fortune and frustrate those corrupt clown enormously.

One more "Do what I say, not what I do!" politician.

"We can't let the public into these meetings, they'd make us feel unsafe!"
Yeah, control freaks really don't like it when people find out what they've got in mind.

Short version: "I know statistics, and this noise about the Wuflu is bullshit."

"Of course we're teaching CRT to your racist kids, but we won't tell you."
And the district either doesn't know what's going on, or is lying.

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