Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The back is better,

still an ongoing problem but the days of "OHBLEEPINGEFFING-" and such when I get up seem to be in the past.  The injections and PT have done a lot of good.

Which, today, involved needling.  They take what looks like a acupuncture needle and run it into the painful muscle to make it react to that, which often causes it to release tension.  The needle is thin enough that it's not painful, but when it hit that tight muscle, the throb when it reacted was definitely attention getting.  We'll see how it goes.

In other medical stuff, Dad has been home for a bit, and then today went through surgery to reconnect the intestine.  If it goes well, it means goodbye to the colostomy bag.  Please God.  It's helped keep him alive, at the cost of a fair amount of pain at times and having to empty it every two hours, night and day, and the constant worry of it getting bumped or rubbed and caused to leak.  He'd much rather do without it now.

They finally found someone to mow and trim the yard, which is a huge relief.  Things have gotten better, but some times it's enough to manage my own, driving down and getting that one as well has been difficult.  Especially with all the bloody rain throughout June and the first of July.

And I am selling the bike.  I'll put the money aside, and when(hopefully) I can ride again, I'll find another.  Preferably with a more upright seating position; it was good for years, but the joints are getting a bit picky about that.

Now I can work on getting to the outdoor range again, partly to test some loads and partly because that's how God intended us to shoot.


Grog said...

Good to read everyone is improving, for the most part, and a good thought for your dad to get rid of the obozo bag. Range time is good, and important.

Anonymous said...

Aging is not for wimps!

TXGunGeek said...

After my back surgery I got dry needling in the knots at the surgical site and they hooked up electrosStim unit to the needles. Only way that got rid of them. I am going back in now, a year later to get them to do it again to break up the knots that have come back.

Firehand said...

My statement has been "Getting old is easy, being old sucks."

Country Boy said...

My wife had colon cancer surgery 8 years ago yesterday. She had a colostomy bag for 3 months. The take down surgery went well and she's been cancer free since. I pray your father to have the same good results, and we'll pray for his continued good health.