Friday, January 01, 2021

It appears that public schools truly often are child abuse

because your kids are under the control of idiots like these.
Gurdon highlighted that in 2018, a Seattle English teacher tweeted that he would rather die than teach the “The Scarlet Letter” under the hashtag #disruptexts. The biography of Twitter account @DisruptTexts, says it is “a movement to rebuild the literary canon using an antibias, antiracist critical literacy lens.”

Shea Martin on her Twitter account, that has now been restricted to those who do not follow her already, said in June:
“Be like Odysseus and embrace the long haul to liberation (and then take the Odyssey out of your curriculum because it’s trash).”

Heather Levine, a ninth-grade English teacher at Lawrence High School in Massachusetts, replied:
“Hahaha …. Very proud to say we got the Odyssey removed from the curriculum this year!”

And the administration is too chickenshit to handle questions:
Gurdon contacted Levine to confirm that the school removed the Odyssey from the curriculum, but was told her inquiry was “invasive.”

The English Department chairman of Lawrence Public Schools did not return Gurdon’s multiple requests for comment.

These people are assholes, control freaks and fools.

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