Friday, September 18, 2020

This. Is. CNN.

A CNN journalist deleted his tweet and issued an apology after being called out for spreading coronavirus misinformation by critics including former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson.

That's the start, I'm just going to quote a couple of the responses he got:
Berenson slammed Feldscher for sharing such alarming numbers.

"Fact check: you can’t be this dumb," Berenson reacted. "Even if the herd immunity estimate of 60% is right (it’s wrong), this CNN doesn’t know the difference between reported cases and actual infections, which are 10x as high. So his estimate is off by a factor of at least 10x (likely much more)."
Berenson commended Feldscher to taking ownership of his tweet but slammed his news organization for allowing "nonstop panic porn" throughout the pandemic.

"I'm glad he deleted the tweet. If only CNN could go back and delete the last six months of nonstop panic porn... But it's a start," Berenson told Fox News.

Yeah, but panic porn is their big thing, they actually try to stop they'll probably go into withdrawal.

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