Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Range day was had,

 and it was good.  Cool then warming a bit, mostly overcast, almost no wind, almost perfect for trying out some loads.

.45-70, for the rifle in question, using black powder and the old Lyman 500-grain round nose bullet is a fairly hard to beat combination.  I'm wondering if tweaking the OAL might tighten groups a touch, will have to try that.  Interestingly, the Lyman 525-grain Postell shoots best from that rifle with A5744 smokeless(at least so far, there could be some black/OAL/primer combination that would equal or better it).

.300 Blackout, that Hornady 190-grain Sub-X bullet over H4198 stays subsonic and gives good accuracy, and out of friend's Hybrid can it's amazingly quiet.

Guy I know bought a grail gun a few months ago, a double rifle in .450 Black Powder Express, and sent some pictures of finally getting to shoot it.  He's happy.  Now I've got to figure a way to try it out myself.

I need to transcribe some notes before I lose them, and get some cleaning done. 


The Neon Madman said...

I have heard of .450 BPE (The Brits have a TON of .450 cartridges) but never heard of a .453. Maybe typo?

Anonymous said...

Man, your shooting interests are all over the map. Olde School .45/70 Govt. and 300 Blackout, one of the more recent cartridge introductions. THEN blackpowder firearms.

You are a student of firearms, no doubt about it.


Firehand said...

Typo on my part, it's .450

Firehand said...

What can I say, I like lots of boomsticks and their fodder.

Self Defense Training said...

Do you reload your own .453?

Firehand said...

That rifle is .450, I messed up while typing. And it's not mine, owner is a friend. He's digging up some information to see if any of the .45 rifle moulds I have will work for his; if so we can reload the stuff he has.