Thursday, September 17, 2020

Be it noted- again- that the new Blogger sucks,

 and the morons involved should be clubbed like a baby seal


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

I agree. The reason they gave for changing the interface is they "want it to 'look fresh'".

They lost a hell of a lot of functionality. I have to resize photos and the headers float above the text.

The old Blogger was a refined product. This looks like a start-up, not something with the resources of Alphabet behind it.

captcraig said...

Bite your tongue! Clubbing baby seals is an indictable offense but do you know that back in the day when seal hunting was a survival effort for outport Newfoundlanders some seals were killed who hadn't yet given birth and unborn baby sealskin was prized as the hide was white and the white fur was as fine as mink. My ex wife had a jacket made in 1964 that she still wears today that would boggle your mind as far as quality furs go.

TheAxe said...

someone figured out how to get the old one back.