Thursday, August 20, 2020

Another "Why don't you want parents to see

what you're teaching your kids?" mess.
Parents of students who attend Rutherford County Schools (RCS) must agree not to monitor their child’s online classroom sessions.

Officials at all county schools are asking parents to sign forms agreeing not to watch these virtual classes.
“RCS strongly discourages non student observation of online meetings due to the potential of confidential information about a student being revealed.”

The form asks parents for their signature and warns that “violation of this agreement may result in RCS removing my child from the virtual meeting.”
Sound suspicious as hell, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

If a parent has to be home for distance learning to take place, they should tell the local public school system to "EFF OFF!" and just go full home school.

Fred said...

Blatant indoctrination right in front of your eyes. And they are just daring the parents to say anything, or "we will remove your child from the virtual meeting." Sonsabitches.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the school district does not want to be filmed 'indoctorization processes' goings on to warn parents. Its hard enough to ask teenagers how their day went (usually a grunt or shrug and thats it). I'm guessing the content would cause parents to learn how bad it really is.

Pod People are grown, not naturally born.

Toastrider said...

Yeah, I'd just say 'So let me get this straight; you don't want me involved in my child's learning process?'.

I mean, WOW, talk about the brass balls on these creeps...

Justin_O_Guy said...

Will parents be able to have them arrested for transmitting sexually perverted stuff to a minor?
How completely Anti Family! Teaching children that Their parents are too stupid to be exposed to what the kid is being taught..
Shh, Timmy,, dont let dad know,,
Nothing creepy about that shit,,