Monday, August 17, 2020

She's lucky all she lost

was her pants.


Anonymous said...

I was in Yellowstone in late August 2016 and witnessed all manner of stupidity, that fortunately for the individuals involved no actions were worthy of Darwin Awards. Just before we got there, a moron dissolved himself in a hot spring trying to bathe. His remains disappeared into the abyss. A young boy was scalded up to his ankle when he went off a boardwalk and broke through the mineral crust into boiling water. Here's what we saw:

1). Selfies with a feeding Grizzly. I took photos from INSIDE my truck on the road. There were dummies within 20 feet of it.
2). Selfies with a herd of Bison, after crossing the open meadow to get to them that was posted with signs that say "Unstable Ground, Do Not Leave Roadway" It was a group of about 20 idiots, and I shot video until they came back, hoping to get a Darwin shot.
3). Selfies with what were probably horny male Elk by the Yellowstone River.

IMHO, places like this are not going to be around much longer because of stupid people. Nature is brutal, and if you don't respect it, it will kill you. I have been to many National Parks across the country, and it is relatively easy to die in just about all of them.

rusty muskets said...

there is a reason they are called "wild animals"