Saturday, August 22, 2020

The eye/brain connection is weird at times

After the cataract surgery the vision in the left eye is much better, but still have that little blurred spot from the macular hole.  Left eye has not-as-good vision but no blurred spot.  New glasses take care of correction for both.

The problem comes in in some light conditions and/or when I'm focusing on a particular thing, like gunsights.  It's like the brain can't quite decide which eye to use for the primary, and it makes for some odd effects as the blur gets somewhat superimposed on the image.  It does it primarily with front post or bead and rear notch; rear aperture seems to eliminate it.

Of course, the alternative would have been the hole causing large permanent damage that would've resulted in blindness in that eye, so as a trade-off it's not a big choice to make.

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