Monday, July 13, 2020

Scene from the range

with what I wanted to say:
"Yes, the range rules say it should be unloaded when you bring it in.  THAT DOESN'T MEAN PULL IT OUT AND START UNLOADING IT AT THE COUNTER, YOU MORON."

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Anonymous said...

I was shooting at the pistol only range at my club. I had a target stand set up at the 7 yard personal defense distance. An older couple came in and set up at the lane to the right of mine. They had matching Beretta Tomcat .32 autos, and the old man was going over the guns with the wife. I see him keep looking over where I am shooting. When I finished the magazine I was firing, I asked him if he would like to use the short range. He said he would, so I cleared my weapons and magazines and moved my stuff over to the left out of the way. He loads his gun, and then turns to talk to me, with the gun in his hand. "I really appreciate you letting me shoot on this lane" he says... now pointing the loaded gun at my belly. I grab his hand with the gun in it and try to push his hand to my left and down range. He's actually fighting me, and I yell "STOP! Look what your doing!" "Oh jeez, I'm sorry" he says. I decided this guy was an accident waiting to happen and packed up my stuff and left.

There have been other instances of flagrant safety violations there because we as members are supposed to police ourselves and act as pseudo R.S.O.'s. We do, but that doesn't prevent idiots from being idiots first. Thank God there has never been an injury or death.