Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Dear Eezox: What the hell?

I'm running low, so looked up their website to order it.  And there's no way to 'add to cart'.

Check Amazon: no 4oz cans, 'We don't know when or if this will be available'.

Nobody else has them, either.  And a quart bottle is not only more than I want to spend, but would outlast my life.


Mike said...

I bought a quart about 10 years ago, still have over half left.
It is the best stuff for staving off rust here in the humid east NC.
I used to use floor wax on shotguns but Eezox beats that with less trouble.
Good luck

taminator013 said...


Feral Ferret said...

Search again on Amazon. There is a seller selling the 3 oz spray can for $10.09 with free delivery, with a second listing for free Prime delivery from the same vendor.

robert orians said...

WTH? I just read an article[?AmPartisan?] about how to make your own high quality bang cleaning stuff . [?SurvivalBlog?] The first thing to go is your mind huh ?

Anonymous said...

It is on Amazon...you just have to choose one pack in the drop down and then pick a size...why they don't just have you pick the size and add is a little stupid but hey...it is amazon